It's All About You

The first step is a discovery call. This is free call to discuss your goals, your experience up until now, and to give us a clear idea of your project. We can offer you advice, direct you to resources, and most importantly - see if we are a good working match.

We have a team of very talented people that specialize in shopify specifically. We all work together on your project to make it the best it can be.


We work differently than other design firms - instead of making quotes, we sell our time in 4 convenient prepaid buckets. Before the job starts we let you know how much time that sprint is going to take.

We breakdown the various tasks of building your site into small focused production cycles and update you every time you make a request, this insures that you always know how much time is left in each task block and allows you to make the decision on how the funds are best allocated.

After all, we’re a team.

  • 14 hour bucket - $1999 CDN ( $140 per hour )$1540 USD ( $110 per hour)
  • 21 hour bucket - $2867 CDN ( $136 per hour )$2205 USD ( $105 per hour)
  • 28 hour bucket - $3640 CDN ( $130 per hour )$2800 USD ( $100 per hour)
  • 40 hour bucket - $5030 CDN ( $125 per hour )$3900 USD ( $97.50 per hour)

As you purchase more time, our hourly rate gets cheaper.

Your purchased hours never expire and you can use them on any aspect of your project that you would like.

Then The Magic Starts

After you have purchased a bucket, we schedule a production call where we will discuss everything that we are going to do with your website. This is when we allocate time to each specialist and set the deadlines for when they are going to be complete. We then give you some (fun) homework and we get going!

Remember, you are part of the team. We need your help to understand your business so we can build you a powerful website that turns browsers into buyers.

How to get started now

To get started we need you to book a discovery call. You can do that by going to our online calendar and picking a time that works best for you. If you are ready, please click on the "Get in touch" button below to book your FREE discovery call.

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